Our History

Founded in November 2020, Yeetlist is a Christian, American company headquartered in Orlando, Florida. Our goal is to bring honor and glory to the Lord, Jesus Christ. We develop the Yeetlist.com website which publish the best Christian schools and daycare centers.

Why Yeetlist?

As a local business, attracting customers in today’s technology-driven world is an essential. you must get your business name and website necessary exposure in order to grow your business. At this very moment, thousands of parents are searching for trusted Christians schools and daycare centers. With yeetlist you can stand out in your community, show parents why they should choose you, display hours, locations, your business description, and more.

Meet Our Founders

Meet Jerry, Carl and Dee


Jerry began discovering his passion for business when he launched Chery’s In-Home Care, his first small business at the age of 21. Jerry holds a degree in law enforcement and currently serves as a law enforcement officer. He is also a Co-Founder of Zeykota, a successful security guard company. In 2020, Jerry, along with Carl and Douvens set fourth on a journey of creating a unique platform that would allow people to quickly connect with Christian talents, businesses and professionals. Thus, Yeetlist was born. Jerry’s joy comes from God and his family. He enjoys spending time with his wife, Anshare and in his spare time, loves playing with their cat Heidi.


Carl is the youngest of our founders but he is incredible. As a strong decision maker, his relentless drive and strong leadership have set him apart from his peers. Carl loves spending time with his family. He is an active member of a vibrant church in Florida. Carl has a passion for mentoring the youth. One of his greatest joy is the ministries that God have called him into. Carl is a gifted photographer and enjoy running in his spare time.


Dee and his wife, Jess, live in Central Florida and have one daughter. Having served as a youth pastor for several years, he loves preaching the Gospel and being active in the ministry. With time, effort, dedication, and support from his family, Douvens have been a key voice in the development of Yeetlist. He always strive for personal and organizational excellence. Douvens loves spending time with his family. He is a gifted pianist and enjoys playing sports in his spare time.

From Our Founders

"We are thankful that in these first few years, we've had the opportunity to work with capable, committed partners. The values we share are embodied in what goes on at Yeetlist from day to day. Our hope is that each time someone visits Yeetlist.com, they will have the utmost confidence that they are exploring and connecting with the very best Christian businesses and Professionals that their communities have to offer. This common goal will continue to shape our process and mission moving forward. We are exited for the many challenges ahead. On behalf of Yeetlist, we invite you to explore our website and learn more about all we have to offer. Until next time, see you at Yeetlist.Com.


Jerry, Carl and Dee

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