Reformation Bible College

Christian college in Sanford, Florida

A Bible college like no other: An RBC education is designed to provide students with the knowledge of God and His holiness, equipping them for faithful Christian service in any vocation or calling. We provide students with the theological foundation, biblical worldview, and communication skills they will need—no matter what God calls them to do. Dr. R.C. Sproul founded Reformation Bible College in 2011. Throughout his career, Dr. Sproul dreamed of establishing a college where the system of theology found in Scripture and outlined in the Reformed confessions could be taught by a trusted faculty to the next generation.


Q How to Apply to RBC

To start, you complete our simple online application form. This gathers basic information, like how we can contact you, the academic term and program you are interested in, your high school graduation date, and more. It can be completed in as little as five minutes.

Q What academic programs are offered to international students?

RBC offers our Bachelor of Arts in Theology programs to international students. This includes the following:

Bachelor of Arts in Theology, Biblical Studies major
Bachelor of Arts in Theology, Christian Thought major
Bachelor of Arts in Theology, degree completion program
Bachelor of Arts in Theology, second bachelor's degree

Q Is there housing available for international students?

On-campus housing is available for qualified students beginning in the fall 2022 semester. For any that are not eligible, our Admissions Team can assist in connecting incoming students with other incoming students who are seeking housing in local apartment complexes. Group housing placement is not guaranteed, and requests are considered on a first-come, first-served basis.