The Tri-County Christian School


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Enrollment in TCCS is open to preschool through 8th grade students with students coming from varying denominations. Uniquely, Tri-County Christian School is an independent and interdenominational Christian school drawing from over 30 different churches. Please call the school office for further information about enrollment for the 2018-19 school year, including financial aid opportunities and discounts for new families.

Tri-County Christian School is a unique Christian ministry committed to glorifying Christ throughout all its programs. The following are three unique reasons for sending your children to TCCS.

TCCS’s Commitment to Non-denominational, Christ-Centered Education
1. TCCS’s students, Board, and staff represent over 30 churches
2. TCCS is a member of the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI), the largest non-denominational group of Christian schools in the world.

TCCS’s Commitment to the Christian Family
Even though TCCS has maintained extraordinarily high academic standards, it has taken great care to not become an elite academy. TCCS feels that quality, Christian education must be available to all Christian children, whether they are poor or rich or below average or intellectually gifted. TCCS has taken these steps to assist families:

1. Financial Aid: TCCS annually awards of needs-based financial aid to enable lower-income families to enroll their children.
2. Latchkey Services: TCCS operates a before and after school extended care program.

TCCS’s Commitment to Academic Excellence
TCCS students consistently score among the top 20% of all students, both public and private, on the Stanford Achievement Test.

About Us
In order to protect children from spiritual confusion and to fulfill God’s clear command to diligently teach His Word to children in every daily activity, Tri-County Christian School seeks to achieve the following spiritual and educational goals:
To create men and women of God through evangelizing, discipling, and equipping students for a lifetime of service to God and man.
To operate an independent, non-denominational Christian school which honors Christ by being distinctive both spiritually and academically.
To offer Christian families an educational alternative for their children which reinforces and strengthens the spiritual values and beliefs of the Christian home and local church.
To train future church leaders by equipping students with Bible knowledge, music and public speaking skills, and involving them in service projects.
To develop ethical, productive and responsible citizens and employees by providing them with leadership skills and the development of their Christian character.